"A Lorikeet is a small to medium sized arboreal parrot. The majority have very brightly coloured plumage."

Lorikeet is a DJ-alias, a record store and a blog started by Gerard Westerhof (ex-Drunken Marias, ex-Kofferbaque). With this project he will invite you to explore the wonderful, the obscure, the oriental, the odd; sounds to amaze. Tropical, exotic and distorted atmospheres. Records like you might have never heard before.


This website features no trackers except those that are enabled by third parties like Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Github, Discogs and/or Youtube. I have no idea who is visiting, how many people are visiting, from where and why they are visiting. I sincerely don't care about any of it. If you feel like checking the source code, you are free todo so:

Another thing: I am not active on any social media. So if there are profiles out there that have my name on it, they're probably fake or inactive. I hope the fake LorikeetRecords has some wise words for you. If you really want to talk to me, use the good 'ol email.