Raw folk for Pushto movies

In my recent musical digging adventures through the land of Pakistan, the neighboring country of Afghanistan is but a short hop away. The overlap between those two countries would be the Pashtuns, a people group which speak the Pashto language. In Pakistan these people are a minority group living in the northern districts of the Balochistan area. The Pashto language has a relatively small stake in the movie soundtrack business of the 60s and 70s in Pakistan. This specific music has some very distinct features like off-beat rhythms, blended with their own specific percussion and instrumentation. The music is very minimalistic when comparing it to the highly productive and psychedelic Lollywood music that came out of Lahore. It does lend some elements, but only very sparsely. In it’s core, it’s raw folk music. To share some of it’s folky rawness, I made a 11 song mix from various soundtrack vinyl records of the Pushto movie scene I happen to get my hands on. All these composers and singers are very unknown outside of their own country and rarely had any moment of shine in the West. Most of these songs are nearly impossible to find on a record or on some form of a Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify recording, please be aware of that.

The tracklist:

  1. Navitha Khan - Har Wakhata Mahfalona (1978, composer: Nashad, movie: Riwaj)
  2. Naveeta Begum - Yoakhule Gul Khulyah (1979, composer: S. Sunny, movie: Tandar)
  3. Gulnar Begum - Da Khayest Peh De Bazar (1975, composer: Rafiq Shinwari, movie: Khapla Vina Khapla Khawray)
  4. Khayal Mohammad, Kishwar Sultana - Gile Ra Nez De Shah (1979, composer: Fateh Mohammad Nazar, movie: Chimnai Khan)
  5. Gulnar Begum & Others - Na Larram Parwa De (1979, composer: S. Sunny, movie: Akhri Nikha)
  6. Naveeta & Others - Das Kahnde Ishqe De (1979, composer: S. Sunny, movie: Tandar)
  7. Nagina Khanum - Ma Kowai Tapoo Soona (1978, composer: S. Sunny, movie: Shetan)
  8. Nagina Khanum - Yo Khabura Aurate (1978, composer: S. Sunny, movie: Shetan)
  9. Gulnar Begum - Zama Pe Satarge (1977, composer: S. Sunny, movie: Chal Wal)
  10. Kishwar Sultan, Mashooq Sultan & Others - Da Misar Pa Bazar Ke Kishwar (1977, composer: Rafiq Shinwari, movie: Qaidi)
  11. Naseem Begum - Tauba Haye Tauba (1979, composer: S. Sunny, movie: Akhri Nikha)

This is the first mix that is exclusively and only available through lorikeet.nl and nowhere else. The reason for this is that I completely disagree with the recent changes made to Mixcloud [1]. I’ll keep all the current mixes on my personal Mixcloud but I won’t add anything new.

Published on: Jan 02, 2020 by Gerard - list of changes