2019 in a glorious nutshell

Eventhough personally and medically this year started as a metaphorical hell on earth, eventually it all balanced out the right way. To skip all the personal hoo-ha; 2019 was an amazing year when it came to music. It was the year where I found a lot of new Pakistani records and managed to actually cross a few of my wantlist (which I initially always thought to be impossible). I also managed to find a lot of crazy Indian records that were on my wantlist and the record fair in Utrecht this year was more than pleasant. I met a lot of great people, many of which I highly look up to and felt honored to be in their presence and share a conversation with.

The DJ’ing and the gigs were sparse but pretty amazing this year. I managed to do a DJ set at Red Light Radio with strictly and only Pakistani records. I also DJ’d alongside Edo from Vintage Voudou and did an ambient gig as an afterburner for Sonic Boom’s gig in the Bimhuis. Hopefully next year I can manage to squeeze in a bit more gigs, as I think time-wise I would’ve easily managed it.

I will not be posting a ‘best of’ list as there’s to much amazing music to pick from. All the amazing picks of this year are over at my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE03WcWIqhfB5uc0KWHIw0g. Also I managed to actually add 500 new releases to the Discogs database https://www.discogs.com/contributions?user=LorikeetRecords this year, which I think deserves some sort of credit.

So all in all, looking forward to 2020 and maybe I’ll start writing more; who knows.

Thanks to: Edo from Vintage Voudou, Mads aka Dalight, the lovely gentlemen at Radio Martiko, Mittal, lakeradio, Andy Votel, City Records, Good Times, Platypus Records, Radikal Rupert, Eindbaas and many many others which I probably forgot (don’t feel offended if I left you out).


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Published on: Dec 31, 2019 by Gerard - list of changes