Recently I did a redesign of the website. I found a lot of the colors to kitschy and it was a little bit to jolly. My music tastes are also shifting a little during the course of my DJ ‘career’ and my life recently. The biggest focus this year was obviously Pakistani music, that’s why the subtitle of the logo is in Urdu; translating roughly to the word ‘Lorikeet’. I still keep the bird visuals but just as drawings and not as much with colors.

The reason for the shift to a more minimal, folky look is because that’s where my own musical interests are moving towards. With the Radio Tempo Nao Pára sit down session I did and the DJ sets for Mehmet Polat and Sonic Boom this year I feel the focus is going more towards jazz, folk, electronic minimalism. That doesn’t mean I’m excluding the other routes I previously went into, but I would like to delve a bit more deeper into those areas of music and hopefully write a bit more about my findings on this blog.

I will still do an end of the year review of all the music that has crossed my ears this year, but more on that later.


Your bird

Published on: Nov 12, 2019 by Gerard - list of changes