Migrating Lorikeet Radio

Lorikeet Radio was started a few months back as a way to get more unknown music out in the world. It started as a bit of a tongue and cheek thing on /r/VintageObscura https://old.reddit.com/r/vintageobscura where I did a three hour long live set in very poor quality. After some setup rumble and tumble I finally got it running correctly and was able to stream the first ever ‘Lorikeet Radio’ to the world. After a stream is done for Lorikeet Radio, the tooling I use leaves me with a nice ogg-file which I than upload to Mixcloud.

However proposed changes to Mixcloud https://www.cultr.com/news/mixcloud-implement-new-changes-for-free-users/ makes me seriously reconsider the use of Mixcloud and the way it fits with Lorikeet Radio and my personal ethos towards music and content sharing. Mixcloud is currently undergoing steps to make the free service incredibly horrid; for both uploaders of content and listeners of content. This left me with a choice: stay with Mixcloud or leave and migrate to another service. I decided to the latter.

From now on, Lorikeet Radio shows will be available through archive.org. From there I create a link and will use very basic html <audio>-tags to make it playable on lorikeet.nl. The reason I did it this way, is that I will not start paying money for a service I once used for free. Also, if it’s 20 minutes of fiddling with code to cancel out an entire third-party service from your website, than do it. Do you know how many bullshit trackers it saves me by not having to include that insane iframe of Mixcloud? A lot. So naturally I see this as a win-win.

The 2nd episode is now available from the front-page. The other episodes are here:

If you want to migrate away from Mixcloud, please contact me and I’ll give you some more detail.


Lorikeet <3

Published on: Aug 04, 2019 by Gerard - list of changes