All these vinyl records and cassettes are for trade. I'm not selling them for anything money related. I'll trade them for another record or cassette which is about the same in value and is of interest.

I'm also selling some things but those records aren't as special as the one's on this page. Items I'm selling are listed on Discogs..

If you want any of these items, the following rules apply:

  1. All these items are for trade, not for sale.
  2. I trade for something equal in value and only if it's of interest to us both.
  3. The shipment costs are the things we have to pay ourself.

Send me an email: bird{at} and tell me a little bit about why you want a record from my page and where it needs to ship to. Introduce me to a record you'd like to send me in exchange and perhaps we'll have a nice trade. If you live in the direct neighborhood, know who I am and where I live, than you can obviously come and get it without any of the shipment costs.