"A Lorikeet is a small to medium sized arboreal parrot. The majority have very brightly coloured plumage."

Lorikeet is a DJ-alias, a record store and a blog started by Gerard Westerhof (ex-Drunken Marias, ex-Kofferbaque). With this project he will try to invite others to explore the wonderful, the obscure, the oriental, the odd; groovy sounds to amaze.

He's looking for the sounds from the east and the warm south. Tropical, exotic, distorted atmospheres in a funky / jazzy jacket. Records like you might have never heard before.


This website features no trackers except those that are enabled by third parties like Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Github, Discogs and/or Youtube. I have no idea who is visiting, how many people are visiting, from where and why they are visiting. I sincerely don't care about any of it. If you feel like checking the source code, you are free todo so: