Doing justice to the bootleg

Dear people (hopefully music lovers / listeners),

I sell some of my music on vinyl from time to time on Discogs. However, Discogs had a recent crackdown on bootleg records For people who don't know what they are: bootlegs are records which are unofficially released without the artists consent or label's consent for that matter. I have 10 bootlegs, which I had for sale. Discogs found that inappropriate to do. I agree.

Because of the fact that I can't sell them on Discogs, I tried selling them on another platform called Marktplaats, a Dutch trading website. That felt even more disgusting (and vinyl people aren't on Marktplaats apparently). A bootleg is still something illegal, but it exists already. I understand the hatred towards it in the community; that there are record labels that make money behind the back of artists that put blood, sweat and tears into their music. I find it to be stealing food out of the artists mouth and a form of theft. In another way I also find it's making the artist's music more known, even though it is through an illegal bootleg. I would still knowingly and unknowingly buy an illegal bootleg - if the music is good, but when it comes to selling it, it becomes a different story in my opinion.

Enough opinions already!

The problem still remains that I have 10 bootleg records laying around which I don't particularly like anymore; bought in a rush or got boring over time. I feel that I can't ask any money for these records, for the artist in question wouldn't get any of it anyway. So for the sake of doing a bit of justice to the bootleg record and feeling a little like Santa: I'm giving them away for free, so €0,- - much like the value of an illegally downloaded mp3. I do have conditions for giving them away:

  1. The max is two per person
  2. The shipment costs are the things you have to pay yourself, because I do still support my local postal company.
  3. Don't be a dick:
    1. If I find out that you only want these records so you can sell them yourself, than you are a dick.
    2. If you however - in time - find that the music is getting a bit boring, give them away to somebody else for free. That would make you a first class hero.

The following releases, in alphabetical order, are for free under the conditions stated above:

  • Blonde On Blonde - Rebirth (Ember Records, NR 5049) (Vinyl: VG+, Cover: NM)
  • The Growing Concern - The Growing Concern (Phoenix Records, ASHLP3020) (Vinyl: NM, Cover: NM)
  • The Loot - Singles A's And B's (Radioactive Records, RRLP057) (Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG+, Limited: 958/1000)
  • Magical Power Mako - Super Record (Phoenix Records, ASHLP3039) (Vinyl: NM, Cover: NM)
  • My Bloody Valentine - Lost Tracks And Rare Cuts (Arkain Filloux, none) (Vinyl: NM, Cover: NM)
  • The Standells - Dirty Water (Tower: T 502749) (Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG)
  • Various Artists - Big Lizard Stomp!: Volume Two (Bamboo, BMLP7015) (Vinyl: NM, Cover: NM, Limited: 1202/1500)
  • Various Artists - Cazumbi - African Sixties Garage Vol-2 (Nosmoke, NS004LP) (Vinyl: VG+, Cover: VG (sticker rip on the back cover), Limited to 700 copies)
  • Various Artists - Monster A Go-Go Volume One (Bamboo, BAMLP7013) (Vinyl: NM, Cover: NM, Limted: 1192/1500)
  • Various Artists - Sixties Japanese Garage-Psych Sampler (Bamboo, BAMLP7012) (Vinyl: NM, Cover: NM, Limited: 758/1000)

In order to get one (or max two) send an email to: and state a little bit about why you want to have the music + some details where to ship them to. After you've paid the shipment costs to my Paypal or my bank account, I'll ship them to you.

Greetings and love,

Lorikeet Records

Published on: Dec 10, 2017 by Gerard - list of changes