Crate digging (2017-02-08)

As a follow up to my crate digging adventures last year, this is going to be my first episode of 2017. And a special one it will be. This january I found a nice Turkish webshop which sold a lot of Turkish music which sounded very interesting to my ears. I decided to buy a total of eleven singles of which nine I will present to you:

Esin Afsar - Zühtu / Kaz


"Zühtu is one of the best psychedelic dancefloor killers I've ever heared Andy Votel pull out of his magic bag of mysteries. So obviously I took a bit of a conquest to find this gem. Mine has a bit of crackle in it but nothing to annoying. The B-side features a slower more folky track."

Semiramis Pekkan - İyiler Kötüye Düşer / O Var Ya

Kervan Plakçılık

"A little bit more traditional upbeat dance tune. Features the great Esin Engin as part of the orchestration. Very lovely tune, nothing to heavy but a very typical, recognizable Turkish sound."

Timur Selçuk Ve Orkestrası – Sıla Güneşi / Ben Gamlı Hazan


"Timur Selçuk with not the single I really really want but with an instrumental psych groove which is half as nice. It sounds as a track to a movie aswell but I can't be quiet sure about that. The B-side features a really enjoyable more classical track."

Yasemin Kumral - Hasret Şarkısı / Yağmuru Durdurabilir Misin?

Melodi Plak

"Hasret Şarkisi is a bit more traditional in it's rhythms but features a very catchy melody on which appears to be a xylophone or marimba? - combined with a great vocal delivery. The B-side is a bit more quiet and almost has the same tones as a psych folk track of the 70s. I can't quiet put my finger to it, but it sounds as a song I know from around that era."

Suna Yıldızoğlu - Do You Think I'm Sexy / I'm Gonna Dance

1 Numara

"On the A-side we have a cover of Rod Stewart's hit track (and the answer is 'yes'). It also features guitar with a flanger, a kazoo and everything else Rod didn't even dare to do. The B-side is another disco cover from Asha Puthli's I'm Gonna Dance; again features these weird sounds and noises and very great additions for a cover."

Rüçhan Çamay - Televizyon / Daha Dur


"A polka track with psychedelic breaks of Pink Panther and Mission Impossible; yes that's what Televizyon is all about. The B-side sounds more like a James Bond intro that never came into being. It's fast, groovy and a little bit as crazy as the A-side."

Fikret Hakan - Cemo

Radyofon Plak

"Cemo is the title track of a Turkish movie if I'm not mistaken. It's a bit less organ-heavy than most of the tracks here, yet the percussion and the drums are recorded in such a fashion that it's very enjoyable to the ear."

Güzin İle Baha - Çal Çal Çal


"The A-side is a fair and quick polka track which doesn't sparkle too much of the senses. Luckily that B-side hops from one spacy organ to the other."

Kenan - Halimize Baksana - Bom Çiki Bom


"Yes, here he is. This is the second 7" I bought from this guy. The other track I have 'Viens Dans Ma Vie' which is featured on one of the Turkish Freakout albums. This however is something different. These tracks are a bit more funky and way more fuzz-heavy."

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