New setup

Here I'm showing off with my new record boxes. They're pretty amazing and are quiet the tower; also it shows that I have a record buying 'problem'. Luckily you can make the problem a bit less by buying some records of me.

In other news ..

I expect to have a lot of Turkish singles soon. Bought straight from Turkey through this wonderful webshop. . Hopefully I'll write about it in another crate digging episode.

In the mean time I decided to redesign the website a little bit and start getting a bit more graphical; I hope you enjoy the birds. Ofcourse my main source of inspiration are the album covers and art of Monster Rally.

Also I'm trying to get together with some local DJ's and try to see if we can establish events together which seems rather cool to do. Hopefully I can announce more about that any time soon.

These are all the random news flashes for now and until the next random news flash!


Published on: Feb 05, 2017 by Gerard - list of changes